Six Steps For An Easy Car Tune Up

Is your car running badly? Is it sluggish to react, slow to warm up, and generally not behaving itself? These are unmistakable signs that your car very badly needs a tune up. Here are six steps for a very easy car tune up. Follow these, and your car will be running again like a street champion in no time!

  1. Replace The Fuel Filter In Your Car. First of all, you should definitely begin by checking the fuel filter in your car. This is very likely the root of the problem. It is probably worn out, and needs replacing. If you don’t know where to find the fuel filter in your car, it may be because there is no fuel injection system in your car. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to make double sure of this. Normally, your vehicle will be equipped with a fuel injection system. If your fuel filter is definitely worn out, replace it at once. If it simply needs a bit of cleaning, this is easy enough to accomplish.
  2. Replace The Spark Plugs In Your Car. You should definitely check the spark plugs in your car with regularity. The spark plugs in your car perform a very important function. They need to be kept fresh and clean and in maximum working order. If there is a failure, the engine may begin to stall or even seize up. The best way to prevent such a disaster is to replace the spark plugs in your car as often as your vehicle owner’s manual recommends.
  3. Make Sure You Always Use The Best Spark Plugs! This simply cannot be stressed enough. Always use the best quality spark plugs in your vehicle, to prevent them wearing out too soon, and causing damage to the engine in your vehicle.
  4. Replace The Points And Condenser In Your Car. The condenser and points in your vehicle need to be replaced once every six months. This is true for most all vehicles, but especially true if you own an older model car. When you change out the points or condenser, be sure to also check your ignition timing. If all is in good order, your vehicle can be said to remain in excellent condition.
  5. Make Sure Your Car’s Valves Are Adjusted Correctly. You need to make absolutely certain that the valves in your vehicle are adjusted correctly, and are performing at maximum condition. This will be the case unless your car uses a hydraulic valve system, at which point you will need to consult your vehicle owner’s manual for further guidance. However, you can still check your car’s valves, especially the valve cover gasket, to be sure that they are running correctly. If you see any oil at the very top of your valve cover gasket, be sure to replace it immediately, without delay.
  6. Frequently Change The Oil In Your Car. You should definitely change the oil in your car at least once every 3000 miles or so. When you do this, also check the air filter in your vehicle. The air filter in your car should be replaced after every 15,000 miles.

These are the six steps which you will need to follow in order to tune up your car, and keep it running with smoothness and precision. Following these six steps will ensure a long and healthy life for your vehicle, and will save you a great deal of grief and money in the long term.

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